Panorama 360° jquery plugin


Once I discovered an unbelievably simple way to create panoramas using Windows Live Photogallery and, of course, I wanted to show results to friends.

I don't like flash at all, but Silverlight is not accessible sometimes (freebsd, linuxes, ipads and other relicts), so I chose JQuery.

After ten minutes of browsing the internet, I found ready to use jquery plugin by Liviu Holhos. It was just as I need, simple and open source, but there was weird scrolling, so I fixed it. There were contributions from other people either.

Sadly, Liviu has decided to abandon his open project and to make plugin commercial. I think, it would be just fair to publish old version, polished by the community.


The picture below is a panorama, and you can scroll it using mouse wheel or drag. Take a look at a fullpage demo.

Full Page